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This is the place

I recently went to Utah. Some know this, some don’t, but nearly everyone doesn’t care. I’m not writing as an excuse to post the lovely picture Scott Simpson and I took with Jesus (who knew he was in the LDS visitor’s center giving short talks?), to once more complain about that nutty skier who took […]

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I Shall Return

My recent tour of Colorado and whirlwind drive through Utah has me convinced that I will return. Not just because of the incredible amount of fun enjoyed in Colorado, or the parks I drove past in Utah, but because of a magnetic draw back. That’s right, I forgot to buy magnets in Colorado and Utah. […]

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Golly green

What would you do when you are stricken with despair at having missed the chance to see the Spam Museum and you see a sign inviting you to see a 60′ tall green giant? The answer is obvious, follow the directions. He sure is big and green. If you’re interested in the places where the […]

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