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What screen am I on anyway?

No, that’s not a full reference to my lack of blogging. It’s more of a slight nod. Some friends, or just normal folks would be surprised that I have lived the past 6 months of my life in Seattle without a television. I know I’m surprised, especially given my heavy focus on such staples like the NFL, Battlestar Galactica, and my fondness for mind-numbing shows like 24 or the occasional piece of low budget non-reality filler.

As the headlines tell us, and my sample size of one agrees with, I’m just fine without a tv. I don’t miss seeing the OSCARS, the random newscast, etc. In fact, that extends to the rest of my media choices – I could do without a newspaper, a magazine, a blog, anything.

In truth, despite how much I enjoy a good movie, tv show, album, book or anything of the creative, informing and/or distracting arts, I am just overwhelmed by the choice of them all. The mass of media, filtered or not, is so daunting and large that it intimidates one by its inaccessibility. Let’s take the example of finding a new book to read. Heading over to Amazon or a niche book review site will invariably compare any new book to any number of esoteric books that I have not read. In order to pick from the critical best necessitates that one has to comb the whole catalog first. For an extreme example, just read a Pitchfork review.

We’ve reached that critical mass of content where this is just an overload. Probably why this post goes unread.

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