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An Obama Nation?

The media and blogosphere is a-twitter with the latest Swift Book campaign by the uber-right. This one, a delight play on words that is supposed to align with abomination. Historically, discourse in politics has never been at a high level, and every generation feels that theirs is when things start to get break down. I’d like to take another spin on this topic, why can’t this be the generation and time when there is a focus on straight talk? Is there a reason why one side of the mouth urges bipartisan cooperation and the other side repeats vapid characterizations and falsehoods of the other partisan’s lies? The reason why there likely won’t be a generation like that for some time is that such campaigning works. John Kerry showed the danger in trying to take the high road with a campaign. Despite an enormously unpopular opponent, he managed to lose by more than the margin in the previous (disputed) election.

Oh, and you wonder about the high level of discourse in the book in question? This is one of my favorite claims, aside from the talk of the apocalypse, secret Muslim (GASP) ties, and of course is the antichrist (no, sadly I’m serious). Perhaps the best quote is: “Obama wants to will all the white blood out of himself so he can become pure black.”

Until there’s evidence that repetitive slander doesn’t bias opinion this will be the way of the world. Personally I doubt humanity is up for it. If Putin is the most popular guy in Russia and the Chinese government has no problems putting up a firewall there’s no real reason to expect much better in this country.

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