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Seattle, land of coffee, or is it?

I’ve finally arrived and started going through the boxes in my new Seattle apartment. I love the easy access to great coffee, I’m literally surrounded by coffee shops, at least during the day. One hitch I discovered on my way home last night to go through some more boxes is that coffee shops actually close. In addition to a Rite Aid that closes at 9 pm (unfathomable), there is no actual cafe open that serves coffee at night. Woe is you who wants a latte after sundown, at least in Belltown.

Thus, I thereby conclude that Seattle’s reputation as a town for great coffee is only partly deserved. After all, if I can’t get coffee at 9 pm, it doesn’t quite matter that the coffee is fantastic at 6 am. While I am tempted to continue my rant into the area of stereotypes and reputation, I will save that for another time. I’m off to get an Americano before they shut the town down on me.

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