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If it’s not personal, it’s probably just business or political

American History

I know Alaska only joined the Union recently, so the current Governor of that fine former territory may not know much about the past. It probably gets jumbled in that time when men and dinosaurs roamed the earth hand in paw (or whatever they have), but I digress. Ronald Reagan did not term America the […]

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Is it all about the registrations?

In what must irk Obama, now that McCain/Palin have adopted/copied/swiped/stolen the change mantra, the Democratic website to register voters could be receiving some unwanted guests. … Maybe the change in tune from Palin/McCain was all just a bid to avoid developing their own website? In any event, the site was pretty slick in helping […]

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I like small towns

Paul Krugman is one of my favorite economists, no surprise to any of my friends, and I’m sure I will address that topic at some point in the future. What is nice is that he will venture into right field, left field or just way out of his area of expertise with a theory that […]

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A vast right-wing media conspiracy

That’s all this here P.U.M.A. thing is, and I’ll tell you why. I was listening to the convention on NPR while driving back from Hoboken and that bastion of conservatism put a clip from the P.U.M.A. website. At first it was just ridiculous. The commentator, in an aside, said "Well there will always be some […]

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An Obama Nation?

The media and blogosphere is a-twitter with the latest Swift Book campaign by the uber-right. This one, a delight play on words that is supposed to align with abomination. Historically, discourse in politics has never been at a high level, and every generation feels that theirs is when things start to get break down. I’d […]


Terrorists and the housing crash

While cruising along I-90W I found myself at a moment when my playlist was over and I shifted over to the radio. This is usually a nice thing as I can grab some NPR, some local flavor, or get a burst of energy by becoming angered at conservative talk or religious right ranting. One note […]

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