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Sometimes it really is personal

This is the place

I recently went to Utah. Some know this, some don’t, but nearly everyone doesn’t care. I’m not writing as an excuse to post the lovely picture Scott Simpson and I took with Jesus (who knew he was in the LDS visitor’s center giving short talks?), to once more complain about that nutty skier who took […]

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What screen am I on anyway?

No, that’s not a full reference to my lack of blogging. It’s more of a slight nod. Some friends, or just normal folks would be surprised that I have lived the past 6 months of my life in Seattle without a television. I know I’m surprised, especially given my heavy focus on such staples like […]

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Living on the edge

In what I could barely believe to be happening, I nearly collected my first jay-walking ticket today. While crossing a not-so-busy street in Redmond to make it to a meeting, one of Redmond’s finest halted me in my tracks. “Whoa, what do you think you’re doing?” I had a reply ready, “Crossing the street.” As […]


Seattle, land of coffee, or is it?

I’ve finally arrived and started going through the boxes in my new Seattle apartment. I love the easy access to great coffee, I’m literally surrounded by coffee shops, at least during the day. One hitch I discovered on my way home last night to go through some more boxes is that coffee shops actually close. […]

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I Shall Return

My recent tour of Colorado and whirlwind drive through Utah has me convinced that I will return. Not just because of the incredible amount of fun enjoyed in Colorado, or the parks I drove past in Utah, but because of a magnetic draw back. That’s right, I forgot to buy magnets in Colorado and Utah. […]

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It’s been a long time…

What once was (and shall remain hidden in the depths of the Wayback machine), now is back again. I’m off to drive across the badlands, the pantheon of our presidents, the glorious home of the Denver Broncos, through a field of salt and wind up in Seattle. Should be a fun trip, and what better […]