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This is the place

I recently went to Utah. Some know this, some don’t, but nearly everyone doesn’t care. I’m not writing as an excuse to post the lovely picture Scott Simpson and I took with Jesus (who knew he was in the LDS visitor’s center giving short talks?), to once more complain about that nutty skier who took […]

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On profits

Profit and profit margin are two of the key measures of business. However, should they be important in this time? In classical economics, long-run profit = 0 in an efficient market. Clearly we are not turning towards a classical free market model in any way, shape, or form, but there’s a message in this idea […]

What screen am I on anyway?

No, that’s not a full reference to my lack of blogging. It’s more of a slight nod. Some friends, or just normal folks would be surprised that I have lived the past 6 months of my life in Seattle without a television. I know I’m surprised, especially given my heavy focus on such staples like […]

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The costs of financial distress

The car crisis has been confusing to me for a few reasons, but one of the main ones is the central justification for the bailout: to avoid bankruptcy. The argument has been that bankruptcy leads to no one buying cars (not they are anyway) because no one will buy from a bankrupt company which will […]

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Musings on the social fire hose

I haven’t posted here lately, especially on something other than the election, and I know some of my six semi-loyal readers miss me. However, I have been keeping up a steady stream of tweets, facebook posted items, google reader shared items, and all other manner of content sharing and production on the internet. Now, where […]

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American History

I know Alaska only joined the Union recently, so the current Governor of that fine former territory may not know much about the past. It probably gets jumbled in that time when men and dinosaurs roamed the earth hand in paw (or whatever they have), but I digress. Ronald Reagan did not term America the […]

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Is it all about the registrations?

In what must irk Obama, now that McCain/Palin have adopted/copied/swiped/stolen the change mantra, the Democratic website to register voters could be receiving some unwanted guests. … Maybe the change in tune from Palin/McCain was all just a bid to avoid developing their own website? In any event, the site was pretty slick in helping […]

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I like small towns

Paul Krugman is one of my favorite economists, no surprise to any of my friends, and I’m sure I will address that topic at some point in the future. What is nice is that he will venture into right field, left field or just way out of his area of expertise with a theory that […]

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Living on the edge

In what I could barely believe to be happening, I nearly collected my first jay-walking ticket today. While crossing a not-so-busy street in Redmond to make it to a meeting, one of Redmond’s finest halted me in my tracks. “Whoa, what do you think you’re doing?” I had a reply ready, “Crossing the street.” As […]


A vast right-wing media conspiracy

That’s all this here P.U.M.A. thing is, and I’ll tell you why. I was listening to the convention on NPR while driving back from Hoboken and that bastion of conservatism put a clip from the P.U.M.A. website. At first it was just ridiculous. The commentator, in an aside, said "Well there will always be some […]

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